Half-Boiled Oeuf en Cocotte

I love eggs. I shamelessly admit that it’s my morning staple. Fried, boiled, half-boiled, scrambled, frambled, baked, omellete, any kind you name it, I love it.

The first time I made Oeuf en Cocotte was some years back, with mushrooms after watching one of the episodes from Rachel Khoo’s The Little Paris Kitchen where she graciously cracked and baked the eggs in her mignonne petite cuisine. And I was hooked since.

I made a tiny change to my eggs in pot over the weekend and figured it didn’t turn that bad at all. Instead of cracking the eggs into the pot, I boiled the egg for about 3 minutes to which the whites are cooked and the yolk still runny. Then I transferred it into a ramekin and baked in the oven for another 5 – 8 minutes.


This recipe calls for 1 serving with 1 egg. You may adjust accordingly. It takes barely 15 minutes to do it, really.

You’ll need

1 cage-free egg
A dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream
A sprinkle of dill
Pepper to taste

To make

Preheat over to 180ºC and prepare a deep tray with water fill just about 1/3 and put aside for later. Boil the egg in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Remove and cool in iced water for a minute to stop the cooking process. Crack gently and transfer the egg into a cocotte pot or ramekin, dolloped with the cream, pepper to taste.

Place the ramekin in the deep tray filled with water and bake in preheated over for another 5 – 10 mins or as you prefer your eggs done. Sprinkle fresh dill over to serve and enjoy.

I absolutely love the warm flavours of dill and its versatility in both seafood and poultry. Also great with cheese and cream! I foresee that it’s going to be my favourite herb for the next couple of days.

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