Easy Bread Pizza

I like to take my Sundays easy. Waking up an hour later and whipping an easy brunch. It’s also the day of the week that I prefer throw away or re-use leftovers, or bits and pieces that’s hanging around in the fridge.


Today, for no odd reason, I really wanted to have some pizza. Initially contemplating to ring the pizza guys while retrieving for a jug of iced cold lemon water, I realized I had almost every ingredient that could possibly go on a pizza; kale, mozzarella, cream cheese, spring onion, dill, tomato pasta sauce – except for a pizza base – the dough. Ha! I think I should really call the delivery now…and…Nope.

I took our some fresh slices of bread and figured, if I could toast a bread, I could bake a bread pizza. Yums much? After a good 30minutes, including bake time, I stood there by the gas stove with a tray of warm pizza bread, savoring all the 4 slices by myself. *Not guilty at all! (Kale = Healthy right?)

I think this recipe is extremely versatile and once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to put anything on it; bacon, bacon bits, spinach, hummus, 4 cheeses, radish, carrots..the list goes on, really. I prefer to keep the sauce as tomato sauce or paste just to kind of get that “pizza taste”. There’s really no right or wrong to this and I love it when a dish has little to no rights and wrongs. It definitely promotes creativity in the kitchen and makes a fun activity for the kids or a cute Sundate.


Here’s what I made:

2 x Kale, mozzarella, dill and spring onion with tomato pasta sauce and
2 x Cream cheese and tomato pasta sauce with dill, spring onion and mozzarella.



To make Bread Pizza

Butter the bread or brush some olive oil. Spread about 1 teaspoon pasta sauce and or mixed with cream cheese over sliced bread. Then top with everything that your sliced of bread could hold. Sprinkle some ground pepper over and put in a preheated oven at 180ºC for about 10-12 minutes or cheese is well melted and bread golden and toasty.


I really liked how the mild and milky profile of mozzarella cheese blended well with the strong notes of dill and peppery flavor from the baby kale. Could have these again for the next few days.



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