Detox Drink: Lemon-Turmeric & Mint (Fake Soda)

The best part about being in a place where it’s sunny all year round is that, you get a variety of fun, icy cold drinks available almost everywhere. But .. not everything is good for the soul in the long run.

Although the variety of organic-certified produce are growing at a rapid rate on local shelves, I still prefer making my own thirst quenchers with real ingredients sans all the hidden additives.

So on my way back from yoga sesh, I quickly mixed some ingredients in my head but I could only thought of a cold lemon ginger mint drink. Unfortunately and to my utter disappointment, I ran out of ginger at home. Boohoo! But every misfortune has its blessings, right? I happened to have turmerics laying around and figured I could try something with this gorgeous root.


Here’s my Lemon-Turmeric Mint (Fake Soda). I made without the fizz, but you can totally sub the cold water with a Lemon Perrier or whichever you like.

The earthy notes of turmeric against sour lemon and sweet, chilly mint is an absolute bliss for post-hot yoga/workout or when you just need to feel grounded. (Sorry for the bad pun!)

Recipe for 1 to follow or double up for more servings. I did not make accurate measurements so everything was by ear (or palate to be specific).

Lemon-Turmeric and Mint

1 1/2 inch of a slice of lemon, halved so you can squeeze them better.
1 thin slice of lemon, halved for garnishing
1 piece of Kaffir lime leaf
2-4 stems of Mint leaves
A tiny thumb of turmeric, sliced – I used smaller size, like a child’s thumb.
1 cup Cold or Lemon Water, or any sparkling water of your choice


Squeeze 1 1/2 inch slice of lemon juice into a pestle and mortar. Thrown in the turmeric, tear in about 2 stems of mint leaves and the piece of lime leaf. Grind these. Grind them until mushy and the scent of cooling kaffir and mint leaves turn fragrant. So this makes the base of the drink.



turmeric-lemon-009Chill your glass with some ice, then sift the crushed ingredients and pour in the cold water. I used lemon-infused water since it was the only cold water available at home. I’m particularly obsessed with the subtle layers and how the turmeric created a soft, yellow hue in the drink.

Now the best part, garnish and serve.  Also, no sugar needed. Yay!


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