Current Table Obsession: Edible Liquid Gold

I stopped by some gourmet store (honestly, I entered it blindly, lured by glimpses of gourmet products) post-yoga earlier this morning. Then I saw some boxes of honeycombs. “Ooohhh… gorgeous!” Getting a little bit excited on the inside. “Nope.” I told myself. 10 minutes later I checkout with a box of that honeycomb and freshly baked loaf of bread. The store keeper was so nice, we had a chat for another 15 minutes or so on yoga (well yes!)

I noticed some crystallized sugar in my honeycombs but later learned that it was most likely due to the hot weather right now in Singapore. I dare not say warm and sunny because that’s a complete lie. It is HOT and HUMID. These two together are nasty.

Anyhow, I spread it on the loaf when I got back and it was amaaaaaaazing! We rarely get honeycombs in local supermarkets here in Singapore so when I see one, it’s either in some gourmet or a specialty honey store.

Just look at that liquid gold! Technically, honeycomb contains unprocessed honey and holds lots and lots of medicinal and health benefits. One of which is good for the digestive track and sore throat. Definitely a Godly food. Thank you bees!


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  1. Honeycomb is delicious, lovely to read this post. Do you have a have any idea where the honeycomb was originally from? Enjoy!


    1. Ashikin Abdul says:

      Thank you! It only states that this honeycomb is from Australia but doesn’t label from which region and type of honey is it exactly.


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