Spicy Miso Butter Sauce

I was looking through the photographs from my last visit to Japan late last year when a strong pang of miso-everything craving kicked in. Unsure of what to cook exactly, I started Googling for Miso Butter Sauce. SO MANY RECIPES! 10 minutes, later I was in the kitchen.

Still unsure what to make with it, I whipped up my own Spicy Miso Butter Sauce. I like getting messy in the kitchen – afterall, it is always the process of making that creates amazing things.

I later then spread it all over 2 large pieces of chicken thigh. They’re in the fridge now and I’m trying to see if this works as a marinate – fingers crossed!

Recipe follows.


Spicy Miso Butter Sauce


1 Tbspn of Miso paste
1 Tbspn white sugar (to balance out the saltiness of the butter and miso paste)
50g Salted Butter (or Unsalted if you prefer)
Ground chili powder
Hot water

To Make

In a small bowl, cream butter and miso paste until smooth (I used a butter knife, in a steady chopping manner. You can use a spoon or fork OR a mixer/blender). Add in sugar. At this stage, place bowl over hot water to melt the butter mix and sugar for a smoother texture. This helps the sugar to melt for better consistency. Lastly, add in the ground chili powder according to your heat preference.

When you leave this sauce aside for a while, it’ll start to thicken up to a more peanut butter-ish consistency. Which is fine. If you want a runnier sauce, keep your butter and miso ratio 3:1.


Tada! I’ll oven-grill those chicken thighs for lunch to work tomorrow and will let you know how they turn out. *fingers crossed*




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh I’m so in love with this!


    1. Ashikin Abdul says:

      Thank you! I can’t wait how this will turn out on those chicken thighs 😀


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