Interior Inspiration: Reliving The 1800s; BBC Jane Austen’s Emma

I take great pleasure in reading Jane Austen’s novels. She induce thought-provoking moral values in  every of her works and every film and movies made based upon them makes it even more compelling – theoretically and visually.

Having a disposition for anything that dates back into the olden times,in this case the 1800s,I cannot be more inspired than from watching films and drama series derived from Jane Austen’s novels.

For this Interior Inspiration,I was influenced by BBC Jane Austen’s Emma.

This post shall (because I cannot help it) include one or two fashion pieces as well.  It is so amazing how a lot of attention to details were put into the show, from decoratives to costumes to colors to fabrics to patterns and yes,you get it.

Set in the 1700-1800s, decorative pieces,interior and fashion were largely inspired by the French Revolution.

A wee bit of fact,the manor that Emma(in the drama series) and her father lives in is also the manor that belongs to the Wardes family(John Warde purchased it in 1731). Some of the decorative in the living room that Emma,Mr Knightly and her father usually sit(which is also in the picture below) are also permanent,such as the wallpaper and the china cupboard. You can read more about the Squerryes manor here.

Above: The Squerryes manor

1. Uptown Sofa / 2. French Blue Side-table  / 3. Ceramic Table Lamp / 4.Bladon Button Sofa 5. John Lewis Empire Line Maxi / 6. Chloé Cream Cotton Maxi / 7. Mini Topiary /8. French Dressing Stool

I love everything in this room.The contrast, the chaise/day bed and the zebra(or tiger?) rug that diverge yet merge two styles together.

Long drapes and high ceiling must never be absent when it comes to English-French style.One way to cheat though,if your ceilings aren’t high enough of your windows aren’t long, is to place your curtain rail above your windows,closer to the ceiling.That way, your drapes will look longer,as if your ceilings are too.

Also, not forgetting little paintings and bright, fresh flowers, they bright up the most dullest rooms.

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