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Prickly Little Things – The Home Collection

Unless you work a 9-5 job, living in the concrete jungle with a career that takes up 80% of your weekday means having little time to grow your own greens at home. These days I’ve been looking at indoor plants and buying fresh flowers (sit pretty and disposed after a couple of days) that doesn’t require much of an effort. Then cactus.

Couple of days later I found myself illustrating succulents and cactus at 3 in the morning on a midweek. And then I thought to myself, why not turn these plants into home products. Like real cactus, they require occasional wash and the best part, they won’t prick!

These would also sit well on your rustic dining seats and in the living room,or bed room, or the balcony, or your backyard .. well anywhere really I mean, it’s cactus -  they are pretty adaptive.

They are available only at Society6 at the moment and range from mini 8″ Prints ( canvas print and framed ones available too) to Shower Curtains. I’ve also received requests from friends asking if the cactus and succulents will ever go on phone cases – well I might consider and release that one soon because, why not. So here’s to my first tiny home interior collection, Prickly Little Things.

Prickly Little Things Original Print

Prickly Little Things Original Print

Prickly Little Things Thorny Throw Pillow

Prickly Little Things Thorny Throw Pillow

Prickly Little Things Prick Me To Sleep Duvet Covers

Prickly Little Things Prick Me To Sleep Duvet Covers

Prickly Little Things Do Not Preek At Me Shower Curtain

Prickly Little Things Do Not Preek At Me Shower Curtain

By the way, check out these cactus decorating tips and ideas here! So inspiring my imagination’s pricked.

2014 Floral Calender and All Things Late.

There is so much to blog about. I’ve been gone for almost one year and I’ve never felt so irresponsible in my life before. Since getting a job last June, I have neglected blogging, researching and sharing my inspiration all together. I honestly admit that this is my fault and from bad self-time management as well as lack of initiative.

Working as a designer in the advertising industry is a tough role most of the times. Deadlines are constantly in my face and by the time I come back by midnight or later sometimes, I’d be too beat to even undress. I’m not complaining although lately I’ve had thoughts about where exactly I want to be in a years time. I’m trying to make it a habit of writing at least once a week but at times I just run out of ideas, out of energy. Aside from blogging I’ve managed to make sure my Instagram is well fed – which I’m not 100% proud of.

So anyways, I made a 2014 calender at the beginning of the year but then was swarmed with a HELL lot of things that I totally forgotten about it and then only found it laying in my computer recently. I know it’s a quarter year later but I’ll still post it up for free downloads. Insane, who starts the calender midway right? But I feel like it’s better to post than feeling sorry about it on the last day of 2014. What a shame, dear self.

Best for prints A4 or smaller. To save, click on the image, right click and ‘Save Image As..’


Monochrome Handmade Stationary

I created a set of monochromatic handmade notebook and postcards and illustrated the lettering and details in watercolor.

See more after the post at Behance


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